New Skates!

Okay, so yesterday I bought new inline skates!   They are so great!  My skating is smooth and a whole lot faster!

I’m a big fan of inline skating ever since my friend D showed me how with her skates last summer.   Hers were like two to three  years old, though, and the bearings were a little loose.  So I got my own skates, but they quickly degraded.  They were the lesser brand Airwalk.

By the way, this is not a review, just my personal opinion.  So anyway, the Airwalk skates were only $59.99, and looking back, I definitely see why.  The skate wheels were plastic-like, and wore down easily on the concrete.  They were in worse shape than my friend’s by the time I was done with them!

So I bought new skates.  I shopped for the ones I really wanted:  Speed skates.  So speed skates are basically inline skates built for speed.  Often they have huge wheels, like 100 millimeter wheels.  The bigger the faster.  The normal is about 72 to 80 mm.  I wanted skates like this, with the green accents.




The downside is they were about $300.  For some reason, I always have to buy the best.  I feel like I need to invest in what I’m good at, like inline skating and drawing.  At least I haven’t tried to buy the best graphite or charcoal pencils.

Actually, I was told Euroblend charcoal is really good, and I wished for some, until I looked in my container of pencils and realized I already had some.  :/

So, anyway, I convinced myself that I was a good enough skater to be able to rack up speed on my own, so I paid only $100 for women’s Zetrablade skates  with the biggest wheels I could find, which was 80 mm.  They had 82 hardness, who cares about the ABEC bearings, and a nice black and pink color scheme.

I’m not a girly girl who paints her nails or does her hair all the time, because

  1.  My hair is really too long to do any kind of updo.
  2. My nails peel and break when I paint them.
  3. I just don’t like girl stuff.

So I really appreciated that it wasn’t too pink.  Anyway…got to get back to doing…stuff…

Thanks for reading!


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