Toothless Perspective Test

Well, as you can see here according to the title,  I attempted to use what I’ve recently learned about perspective to draw Toothless.  photo

I drew a bounding box, did guidelines on his torso, and all the little things you’re supposed to do.  I had multiple problems with his left back foot, because I hadn’t been thinking about exactly why it looked wrong, until I realized it did because it should be back more than the right back foot.

I had been filling out a volunteer application at the  table, when I sketched a Toothless head.  I liked the angle, so I improved it by drawing a full-body Toothless with his head at the same angle.  And I ended up with this.

I still don’t feel like I’ve got bounding boxes down yet.  Also, drawing first an eclipse in a box don’t make much sense to me.  By the time I’ve  gone through the complicated steps to get the torso at the right angle, I’ve lost the inspiration to draw the creature!

Back to studying, I guess…



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