What I’ve been doing

Hey, sorry for disappearing again. I was very busy considering whether I should try sculpting Toothless figurines, buying Copic markers, and listening to one of my new favorite songs, Counting Stars by OneRepublic.   It’s so awesome!  My friend was listening to it, and I only heard a little bit, but what I heard I really liked, so I looked it up and learned it.

Regarding Copic markers, a guy at my church is going to Japan. I told him about Copics, and how I wished I could go to Japan just to buy Copics, and we joked around about if he found some that were super cheap, he’d buy me a few.

I also have been growing my nails out so I can paint them, and they were really long, but were hindering my ability to play violin.  I attempted to paint them using blue, (either turquoise or aqua) but it was way too thick, and didn’t dry fast enough.

The really bad thing is that I began to build a Lego house, but TORE two nails.  That’s right, tore.  They look really painful.     I haven’t pulled at it though, so it doesn’t hurt much.  I just hope they grow back soon. It’ll only take a week, I think.

So… what have you been doing?

And should I try to sculpt myself a Cat Noir ring?






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