Hey, I’m back!

Hey, I’m back!   The reason why I left was because  the volunteering took a lot of time, and I still had to finish my everyday tasks.  Plus, the volunteers got no snacks, and we had to watch the toddlers eat in front of us!  They ate marshmallows!  Without me!!!

Then, on the last day, I discover all along, in a side room, were Nature Valley Granola bars, chips,  and water!! Set aside for the volunteers!  So that’s where all these people had been getting chips!

I also took a break from drawing what I normally draw in order to practice perspective.  All I drew were boxes, and lots of them.  And all this in order to create an eclipse for a torso.

I’ve mastered drawing boxes, but not animals.   It’s hard to learn how to draw a fictional character!  After drawing Toothless for so long, I know his features, where to place them, but not how to get his head in a bounding box!  His head is such a weird shape!  It’s aggravating!

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been doing.  I guess I’ll take someone’s advice and start learning forms with lions.   I don’t have a dislike against lions, I just don’t like how people call them the king of the jungle.  They don’t live in the jungle, people!   Tigers are the kings of that habitat!

This post, as you can see, was filled with my favorite thing, randomness.

So, yeah, have fun, and most important of all, keep drawing.





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