Celebrating an Amazing Artist

This is an amazing digital drawing of Lloyd by Lego artist Brickgirl99x, who is found on the LMBs.  (Yes, AFOLS do visit that place.    I know two of them,  someone623 and SSTO, both who have recently left for college.)  She drew many drawings, mostly of Ninjago.  However, with the recent involvement of the ghost Morro possessing Lloyd and the sky pirates in the sixth season, she is now boycotting the Ninjago theme.  She has left the Ninjago Story forum and quit writing her story, Treachery and Deceit, sequel to Burn for me. Brickgirl’s also removed her amazing art, including an awesome one of Cat Noir as a minifigure, which was on the main gallery.

Luckily, she still remains semi-active in another forum, Community Chat.

All that’s left is a few images that I’ve saved, hoping to use them for a screen saver, but they don’t fit my screen right.

Here is some more of her fantastic art:

And here is a link to her most famous story, Burn for me.  

Edit: The LMBs no longer work, due to them being dismantled.  This pretty much happened because Lego (greedily) decided they were useless and not helping them make any money.

Celebrating a great artist and writer, who inspired me greatly.  Though her leaving the Ninjago fandom is sad, I am glad she had the courage to stand against the ghosts.  It was a good season with a good plot, but it did involve ghosts, which I don’t believe in.

Thanks for reading, and always keep drawing!


Featured Image: Lloyd =) by Brickgirl99x
Brickgirl’s Gallery




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