The woes of being an artist

You can guess what happened by the title. Yes, something very woeful.  Don’t worry, it ends on a good note.  I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I signed up for volunteering with toddlers.  Now, it’s not volunteering I shouldn’t have done, but what’s coming.

I went to training on Saturday the 4th.  And while I was there, I learned what would be expected of me while I was volunteering, since it was a training meeting, where they were filling me in on what was expected of me.

Anyway, guess what happened?  I was sitting there at a table, watching as people put down their email addresses so we could be contacted later by the person organizing it all.  Then, she handed out papers with our schedules on when to lead the kids to each class. She talked.  I looked at the donuts on the table.  I wasn’t hungry.  I got hungry just as a girl took the last sprinkled one.  I was forced to eat a cinnamon cake doughnut.  (It was still good)

Then, then, the last person filled out their email address. There was a pen.  There was paper.  There was a table.   I picked up that average pen, and turned over my paper.  And drew this.

photo 2 - Copy (2)

I really like it, considering I wasn’t using a fancy ballpoint pen and only had regular copy paper.  I was attempting to mimic the style of DA artist Monoflax, who draws like this:



That’s basically what I did with my Saturday, aside from paint some decorations for a party which turned out to be a total flop, because the three brothers  didn’t show, and there were only seven people who were invited.  Then, L (he also ate half a bag of chips (the big bag kind)) and my sister drank all the chocolate milk, D went to her friend’s something(or recital?), and two of the brothers went to a birthday party at someone’s house.   So we had one brother, L, and my sister.  Then we had a water gun fight because it was so hot, and ate pizza and had a good time.

By the way, the decorations looked like this:

The first one is because we love HTTYD, and the second is for Ninjago, with the four elements surrounding the green ninja’s symbol.  So, yeah.

That’s what I did with my Saturday.  Sound like fun?  It was.


Images credits

You are amazing by Dreamoffools

All the others:







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