Acrylic Study

After reading a post by Platyzoa on how to create deep blacks with acrylics, I decided to do a little color study on it.  Here is the link.

I just dug out a recently drawn sketch of Fury, and mixed up some paint using brown and blue.  I don’t really buy high quality paint, I just use the craft paint that comes in bottles.  That may be why it turned out more of a navy shade rather than blackish.  Eh. It’s okay, in my opinion, but not great.    I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, and that’s why I call it a study.

photo 1 - Copy

In case you were wondering, the writing says:

Night Fury

(Fury of the Night)

I don’t believe it’s a real language (but it’s similar to Anglo-Saxon runes).  I found it here.

Thanks for reading!




Featured Image: The Alpha by Indilgo Blue and GirlofGrace (renamed to Cactus Drag0n)
All others: Chinesebun
Runes and Other Great HTTYD Stuff here.





2 thoughts on “Acrylic Study

  1. Looks great!! Makes me want to rewatch HTTYD yet again. I also had some trouble with the paint coming up a bit too blue. The red background in mine might have helped with that, so maybe an underpainting of a red or brown would make it easier to get the right shade. Who knows, maybe mixing some red right in the paint would work too. Although I’d still look at your painting and say it’s a black dragon. I’m so excited that my post inspired something, keep up the great work! 😀

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