Does this qualify as art?

Does this qualify as art?  I guess it does, since it’s called nail art.

I normally don’t paint my nails because in only half a day, the paint is almost gone.  But, today, I painted my nails with my sister, who’s kind of cuckoo about nails.  She always checks Cutepolish, JauntyJuli, and NailsmyMiri’s Youtube channels.  All the time.  And then, when she’s got nothing to do, she watches old videos she’s seen before, when I need to check the LMBs.

IMG_0825I went with an HTTYD theme, since I’ve never seen good Ninjago or Miraculous Ladybug nails.    The two pinkie fingers were painted in neon green.  On my left hand, I went kind of crazy since I couldn’t paint any good designs because I’m left-handed.  On my right hand, the ring finger has a NIght Fury symbol that’s supposed to look like this, only reversed.  NIght Fury.jpg

On the forefingers, I painted yellow and blue for Stormfly and a Hairy Hooligan symbol for the other.

Here comes the best part!  IMG_0826.JPG

I did Toothless’s eyes!  The highlights are way too big, though.  i used the biggest dotter, because it normally doesn’t work.  But now, the dot is too big!  It reminds me of baking cakes, though, because you can always cook it longer but never unbake it.  In the same way, you can make the dot bigger, but never smaller.    Is that weird?

Yeah, well I need to get back to doing things, like drawing!



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