More paintings…XD

So, after seeing that my horse painting went so well, I decided to paint a cat for another thank-you card I needed to send.  Since I’m an artist, I feel as if I should include art in cards I send to people.  It’s only fitting, right?

Since the person I was sending it to loved cats, (in fact, she used to own six, but now owns four) I wanted to paint a cat.  I didn’t have a picture of her, so I was forced to resort to the World Wide Web.  After spending at least ten minutes searching the internet for reference pictures because I wasn’t experienced in painting or drawing cats, I finally found a satisfactory image.


It had the look in its eyes that I wanted.  The cat I was trying to paint was a tortoiseshell named Squirrel, because she sat like one sometimes.    Instead, I used this picture for the face and pose, but painted her differently.

And so after lots of mixing, finding brushes, and bottles of paint later, I ended up with this.  IMG_0786.jpg

Sorry, the picture doesn’t look that great.  I was originally going to paint the face different colors, but the different browns don’t contrast as much as they did on the palette.   >.<  I don’t think it’s some of my best work, but I know that she’ll love it.

Also, I’m kinda stumped on how to decorate the front of the card.  My sister is talented in designing and crafting, but me… zilch in penmanship.    I’m not kidding.  My print is unreadable, and my cursive?

“You don’t want to know.” -Nya, Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitsu

I was thinking I’d use some ribbon that she gave me, but then realized it might not fit in the envelope, and now I’m stuck.

“Empty, useless brain!”  -Hiro Hamada, Big Hero 6

Perhaps listening to one of my new favorite songs, Move (Keep Walking) by Tobymac will help.  Maybe…






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