I did not know I could do THIS

Funny pic, right? All my drawing usually have stories, and you’re about to hear one.  (Or read it at least)

Well, the story of this painting is that there was this well known person who was stepping down from her prestigious position, and I thought it would be a good idea to make her a card thanking her for her work.

After looking at the outside of my card, I realized it needed more.   I remembered that she had two acres and likes horses, and so on the left of the inside of the card, I drew the basic line art for a horse head, then debated whether to use Copics and Crayola (it’s all I have!)  or acrylics.

Since the acrylics were already out after painting more road pieces for Lego Topia and the front of the card, I picked acrylic.  And then proceeded to create this.  IMG_0748.JPG

I really like the look of it.  I went for a loose brush look, where I didn’t attempt to cover the brush strokes.  I mixed three shades, light, middle (which I didn’t like the color of), and dark brown.  For the mane and nostrils,  pure straight out of the tube black, and pure white for the blaze and highlight on the horse’s eyes.  Then, to try to clean up the slight outline mistakes I’d made,  I painted around the head with more white.

I didn’t know that I was capable of doing that since I’d kind of shied (like horses do)  away from the painting end of art.  In my opinion, it’s safe to stay in your cozy home with the dry materials (pencils).  But, when I venture out, I usually accomplish something. (Not always, though)

So, if you aren’t sure about a medium that’s new to you or that you’ve failed in before, just try it!   Who knows, you might succeed 😉


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