What I drew today

Midnight Realm1So, this is what I drew today in Autodesk Sketchbook.   It’s kind of like a desolate wasteland that happens to have mountains and unseen trees.  I wanted to have trees below the mountains, but they’re hidden by the smoke stuff, which has to be there in order to give it a spooky feeling.  This was just a grayscale value key so I would know how to shade it.  But I kind of got discouraged on coloring it by two things:

(a)  I decided that I liked it how it was, even if it didn’t look as good as other people’s digital art.

(b)  I wanted to make it have an overall yellow tint, but I didn’t know how.

So, this post was classified in the “fanart” category.  It’s kind of fanart, kind of not.  My sister and I like Ninjago, and in the Ninjago universe, it was revealed in “Peekaboo”(an episode)  ( or Kingdom Come) that Ninjago was part of sixteen parallel realms.  We thought Knightington, (from Nexo Knights)  Chima, (Legends of Chima) and the Lego Movie (all the different settings of the Lego Movie put together) were each a different realm.  We also created (these are not canon)  two other realms, the Sunlight Realm and the Midnight realm.  In the Ninjago Universe, each realm has a sister, which represents the opposite of the other.    For example, Ninjago is “Life” and the Underworld is “Death” and et cetera.

This is my interpretation and imagining of how the Midnight Realm would look.  It’s very forlorn; the sun never fully shines, instead it’s always hidden by mist.  Dragons inhabit and rule the land.  If you’re caught alone outside at night in the Midnight Realm, you can guarantee harm will come to you before  morning.

For those of you who are HTTYD fans, (or have studied the painting closely enough) yes, there is a Night Fury flying above, shrouded in clouds.  They are not a part of the imagined Midnight Realm, they were put there because it was fun.

And so that’s pretty much all I did besides work on my horse drawing.


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