Toothless:My opinion

Everybody who has watched How to Train Your Dragon  knows who Toothless the Night Fury is.  He’s the main character, of course!  He’s Hiccup’s best friend!  He’s the adorable creature we all love!  He should always smile.  THAT’s what bothers me.  You might be thinking, “Of course he should smile!  Why shouldn’t he?”

I think he’s got good reason to smile.  He’s got a human best friend, a home, he can  fly, what more could he ask for?  Right?

He’s lost one thing:his dragon identity.  He no longer acts like a dragon.  He’s adopted Hiccup’s sarcastic, snarky  attitude, and other things.  In fact, that dragonish nature is what brought him to kill Stoick.*  He was only doing what was natural, obeying the alpha.

In my opinion, it’s great that Hiccup and Toothless have a relationship and  that they’re friends. Toothless only stays because he kind of has to, since he can’t fly on his own, and because he loves Hiccup (a lot.)    So, even if he could, he wouldn’t leave, as shown in Gift of the Night Fury.  

But I’d rather see a beautiful, unmarred, wild Night Fury skimming the clouds high above. Soaring, their onyx wings contrasting against the bright moon.  Their purple plasma blast setting the target on fire in a glorious display of light.    It’s just what I’d rather see. Then again, without their relationship, there would be no HTTYD trilogy.

But I would rather see him like a white wolf, jogging through the tranquil woods.  You’d rather see that then a tame wolf you can pet all over. Right?  Unless you don’t like wild things, and prefer tame animals.

Like, instead of this:

th (1)

I prefer a fierce beauty look, like this: toothless_by_mao718

Or this:Night_fury_by_Lilian_art.jpg

See?  If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine.  I just wanted to express exactly why I don’t think Toothless should smile all the time.

“Dragons are wild, beautiful creatures.”  -my friend’s sister

Remember that Toothless was once wild.  He was raised wild.  And wild he will always be.


Random ramblings!  Just a little note.

In case you were wondering, there’s  a reason I never draw Hiccup. No, it’s not because I pretend Toothless is wild or because I draw Fury more than him.  It’s because  he looks horrible every time I try, which has been twice. See,  I have a valid reason.

*For an interesting view on exactly how and why Toothless killed Stoick, I suggest you read these:

Toothless finding Himself

The Red Rage and Worldview of Fear

Red Rage


He goes into a lot of detail on how the Alpha control thing works.  I think mind control is interesting, but doesn’t really fit into the HTTYD universe.  His view fits into it logically and makes a lot of sense.



Featured Image: Unknown
Night Fury  by Lilian-art.
Toothless by Mao718.
All others: Chinesebun





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