Ninjago artwork!

I actually don’t like Jay, so please don’t assume just because the featured image is Jay means my favorite is him.  I acutally like Lloyd, because… he’s like Cat Noir.  That’s a really bad reason.  I have no reason, but I got into Ninjago way before Miraculous, and liked Lloyd.  My sister used to like Kai, but then I liked him, and she stopped liking Kai, but then I saw Lloyd, and she began to become a Cole fan girl, and still is.  (Someone once said that Cole fan girls fall hardest, because a girl who was one started crying when she heard Cole became a ghost)  She also really dislikes this meme I found:cole____by_ninjagottgfanmc95-d9z9j6p

Once again, I give credit to the creator of this one and the next.   This is one of my favorites, aside from:


This one was done with Crayola,  because again, at this time I didn’t have the Prismacolor pencils.  It’s really old.  It’s got to be at least four months old, I think… It’s supposed to be  Lloyd.    (Yes, that’s a tiny failed Toothless head above his right arm)  His shirt was supposed to have a dragon on it, because I headcanon him as being obsessed with them.  Headcanoning is when one believes something as if it’s canon.  Another name for it is fanon.  (According to my spellchecker, these aren’t real words.  And spellchecker is)  XD


Thank you for reading!



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