Wips ( Works in Progress)

The word WIP was introduced to me by Brickgirl99x on the Lego Message Boards (commonly known as the LMBs).

Anyway, my table is piled with projects.  Lots of them.  The good ones I have decided to take photos of so you can know what I’ve done.  ( I have no reason why!  Oh, wait.  Now I know.  For my blog.  Duh.)

I really love graphite art, and it’s actually what kind of led me to the whole wide art world.  I started out with graphite, then moved on to charcoal, colored pencils, Copics, etc.

This is a roaring tiger.  I followed a tutorial by FinalProdigy in order to draw it.

I’ve been working on it for a month now. I could actually have done it quicker, but I got lazy and forgot.  That often happens to me.


Once,  after I had become experienced with graphite and charcoal, for a task I needed to complete (for untold reasons)  I needed to take an art lesson from somebody.  So I went to Michael’s and signed up for one.  The guy who was supposed to teach me handed me a picture of a mountain and told me to draw what I saw.  I saw a plain and boring mountain.   And then a bunch of things that are totally unrelated to this post happened.

Well, what IS related is that I was told to buy a Giaconda set (which was $25 dollars)  because  I needed that for the lesson.  I bought it of course, then went to the lesson.  It turned out all I needed to use was my basic charcoal pencils!  But I’d already opened the product, and couldn’t return it.  So, I had the useless thing which I didn’t know how to use.  Then, one day, I looked at a horse calendar I’d gotten, saw a picture of a horse, and attempted to draw it using the materials in the Giaconda set.  And so, this came out.  IMG_0677

It’s ok, but I really don’t like it.  Obviously I need more practice with that Giaconda set.

I was doodling one day, and ended up drawing Toothless ( really inaccurately.  He had this goofy smile on his face that I hated).   He was in that same pose, but his head was huge ( which it still is in this drawing).  I then decided to kind of do a Toothless collage for my friend, who loves Toothless.  But she also has this really big thing about him always having to smile.  I mean, would you want your dragon to smile at the ginormous ice-breathing dragon who just threatened your life?  (HTTYD 2, when Drago’s Bewilderbeest encased Hiccup in ice)  Him to look happy when the Monstrous Nightmare is about to eat you? (HTTYD, when Hiccup is in the arena)   No!  Just no!  Also, remember he is supposed to be a wild animal!  He’s only “tame” because he trusts Hiccup to keep him safe.  If it weren’t for Hiccup, he’d still be firing away at catapults for the rest of his life and being beautiful and wild, like a wolf.    Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.  Sorry if it seemed like I was yelling.  It’s just that people just don’t understand why exactly I think he should look hostile in my drawings sometimes.  IMG_0678

Actually now that I look at this his head is still too big.  Oh well…

So, I drew that, but then discovered Miraculous Ladybug and got sidetracked (still am).  I eventually forgot about it until now.  I think I should probably go work on my WIPs now…



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