Guide to Drawing A Night Fury

Once again, more HTTYD!  (How To Train Your Dragon)

First off, I  give credit to whoever drew this.  It’s breathtaking and beautiful.  I found it on the web while looking up images of Night Furies.

Note:  most of the placing for the details I will point out are relevant to other parts, such as stabilizing fins, wings, etc.  So, make sure that the rest of the Night Fury is correct before you add details.

Unfortunately, I could only take a picture sideways.  I guess you’ll have to tilt your head for this.


The words here are readable.  They are just basic stats on Night Furies.   There are 7 known  dragon classes as seen in the Book of Dragons.  The classes are:Stoker,  Boulder,  Sharp,  Tracker, Tidal, Mystery,  and Strike, which Toothless belongs to.

IMG_0667 - Copy

It says:  Five tail fingers. When drawing the tail, remember it is bigger than the head or the supporting fins.  In the drawing you can’t see that, but use it as a measuring guide.  It drives me insane when people draw it too small.  If it was as small as some draw it, then why did Toothless rely on it so much?  Two square feet of tail would not make a difference with his flying.  Well, unless, that teeny, tiny, bit made him the littlest bit unbalanced, therefore affecting his flying.  Still, though, if you want to make him look as accurate as possible, unless you’re drawing chibi, manga (are manga dragons even real?) or random style (or hate listening to other people’s advice) , just follow my advice.

.  IMG_0664 - Copy

The writing states here that the Night Fury has six wing fingers.  No more, no less.   Someone told me they’d discovered that, and I implemented it and always counted after that. Supposedly, Night Furies have the largest wingspan to body ratio of all the dragons, making them the fastest breed.  In the Art of How To Train Your Dragon, they are compared to fighter planes for their speed and accuracy.  IMG_0665 - Copy

Here, you can read the words yourself.  In the  movies, Toothless dive-bombs often.  IMG_0666 - Copy.JPG

Toothless is 15 or 16 in the first movie, and abou 20 in the second movie.  In the second (I’m not sure about the first)  he has seven head spikes.  IMG_0668 - Copy

Once again, you will need to tilt your head to read this. It’s just a full body image of Toothless.  In the Art of How To Train Your Dragon, the final version image states that Toothless has wing spikes.  In both of the movies, he has none.  Therefore, it is not true to  canon to add them.  However, if you want to, they do add a nice touch.

In HTTYD 2, Toothless has three “nubs”  on the bottom of his jaw.

Toothless’s wings are quite wide, and stretch the width of his whole back. They begin above his shoulders, and  end after his legs and after the beginnings of the supporting fins.  (looking at the picture will explain this).  His spikes, as stated before in another post, go down the length of his back and taper off after the supporting fins.

He has four claws on each leg, and three arm spikes on the front legs only.  IMG_0669 - Copy

I hope this helps you to draw Toothless ( or other Night Furies) correctly.





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