Miraculous Doodles

Hi!  Here are  just a few Miraculous Ladybug doodles that I’ve drawn lately.  Miraculous Ladybug is a CGI animated Nickelodeon show.  It is one of my favorite TV shows, apart from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu, of course.

This first one isn’t really a “doodle”.  It’s actually a watercolor painting of Ladybug and Cat Noir ( my favorite character.  He’s just so cute!)  I used pan watercolor paints and watercolor pencils.  I also used a little bit of a Copic on Cat Noir’s skin.

Recently, my sister got interested in calligraphy (she’s had lots of fads: duct tape, origami, etc.)

Anyway, she was practicing with her new fancy writing pen, and wrote Miraculous on a piece of computer paper.    So I asked her to write Miraculous below  my amazing watercolor painting.  At first she protested, but eventually gave in. And now, it gives the finishing touch.




Cat Noir (again).  I really like him, and I can’t draw Ladybug.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  I am physically unable to because I don’t feel motivated enough to work hard on her,  therefore causing my drawings of her to look bad.  IMG_0674.JPG

One last one.  He’s just so perfect (not!) My friend says she thinks he acted a little mean in Copycat (an episode) when he told someone who was crushing on Ladybug that he was dating her.  That made the guy mad, and so he was akumatized.IMG_0661 - Copy

That’s all for now!  Maybe I’ll draw some more…after I teach myself to draw humans…





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