HTTYD sketches

Beautiful picture, isn’t it?  Anyway, here are just a few HTTYD sketches I’ve done over the past few weeks.

This was a recreation of a screenshot from HTTYD 2.  I made it in Autodesk sketchbook on a small tablet, not a desktop.  Now, since that one broke, I do my digital drawings on the computer with a graphics tablet.  036ec4e4-f542-4656-88c5-8ca2a54f4591.png

Just a random sketch.  IMG_0660.JPG

Here is my OC (once again)  Fury of the Night.  Her nickname is Fury.  It was drawn with crayola pencils, because this was before I bought my precious Prismacolor pencils.


More random sketches…


This is the page on which I originally drew the Night Fury which I used for the tutorial.


Toothless rolling in the grass.  (so cute!)IMG_0658

That’s all so far.  I hope to become better and better at drawing Toothless in all kinds of poses.







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