How to sketch: My opinion

This is my opinion on how to sketch correctly.  Before we get started,
let’s get something  straight.  I’m not going to tell you a bunch of things like:  always do this, don’t do that.  I’m simply going to give you a little advice:  never push hard on the pencil.  So, when you’re following a tutorial, for example, when they say, “lay down the guidelines”, don’t  push hard and make dark lines,  because guidelines do what their name suggests.  Yes.  It’s true.  They guide you.  That’s all. Then, you erase them.
If you’re like me, and are crazy about light lines, this advice probably doesn’t apply to you.  If so, you are allowed to stop reading now.  No, I’m not commanding you.  If you want, continue.

Here’s an example of the “light lines”  technique.  I am going to use Toothless the dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon” as my subject.


See how sketchy it is?  You can see  I’m crazy about lines.  I’ve been drawing for a while now, and it’s taken…I don’t know.  I just started doing it.


Here, I continued developing it, and you can see the final “keeper” lines are darker.   As you can see, in the left hand corner, the scratches on the left are an example of what you probably shouldn’t do (unless they’re final lines) and on the right are what you should use for sketchy guidelines. (you don’t have to get this sketchy; that’s just my style).  Even my dark lines are sketchy and not clean.  I just darkened them  by going over and over the lines.  (and maybe pushing a little bit harder)

So, yeah, thanks for reading.  And if you’ve been making the mistake of making your  guidelines dark, don’t worry!  It’s possible to change!  When I was really young, I had no idea what a guideline did and I thought drawing books were crazy because they didn’t just tell you how to draw the subject.  Instead, they threw in all this “junk.”  I used to draw the guidelines as if they were a part of the final drawing, and then even after I erased them they could still be seen.

Just goes to show, everybody makes mistakes!


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