How to draw Toothless the Night Fury

Here is a tutorial on how to draw Toothless, the famous Night Fury from How To Train Your Dragon!

Note:  The Night Fury is the picture has 2 fins, that is because it is my OC (own creation)  Fury of the Night.  If you want to make her Toothless, you could leave off a fin, or add his prosthetic.

Also, just as a warning, make sure you’ve read my  post on How to Sketch: My Opinion.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

(Lightly!) start off with three circles, one for the head, one for the chest, and one for the hindquarters.  Also, draw two lines as guidelines for leg placement.  IMG_0616

Zooming in, we’re going to add the eyes.  Make sure that the top line of the eye is slightly longer then the bottom rounded part.  Then, add the nostrils.  If you want, you could make the pupils a bit more square.  But don’t make them too big, or he’ll look friendly, and then  the whole hostile pose won’t work.

Note:  The dot above the eye is not a dot.  It is a bit of eraser.  IMG_0617

Then, draw the ears and 6 nubs on his face.  Two on each side, and two on the top.  Make the line art for his head also.


Now, add the leg.  Also put on four claws.


Here, add curved lines above the claws to define them, then put on three spikes on the legs.  Also, draw seven spikes on his head.  Make them small and don’t allow them to pass below his eyes.


Now draw the wing, wing bones and other foreleg.  Add the claws and claw definition.

IMG_0626 (1)

We are going to sketch the other wing now. On the wing, draw lines to show his wing fingers.   Draw in the spikes on his back, and make his tail.  IMG_0629 (1)

You are almost done!  Just draw five lines for the bones that support Toothless’s tail fins.  First short, long, longest, shorter, then the shortest.  IMG_0631 (1)

This is the final step!   All you have to do is sketch curved lines on the end of the tail for the webbing, then sketch spikes onto the tail. Toothless had three rows of spikes.  One starts at the back and ends… at the supporting fins.  You can’t see them because the wing covers it, but…  this drawing is inaccurate >.<   I can’t believe it.  It looks cool though.  Well, you can either continue to do it the way this tutorial looks, or just add the two rows on the side and not the center.Anyway, thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed this tut!

For more info on my huge error, >.< just scroll down a bit more.

IMG_0632 (1)

Okay, here I can show you what I was talking about.  The largest spikes run down his back, and end at the fins below the main wings.  In my drawing, they kept going. If you want your Night Fury to remain accurate and canon to HTTYD, don’t add the middle row of spikes.  httyd2-1







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