New Copic!

So, I got a new Copic Sketch marker!  Yay!   It was an E37  Sepia.  

I really love Copics for their ability to blend smoothly.  The thing I don’t love is the price tag.  In the U.S., Copics can retail for 8 dollars a marker.  Due to this, and the fact I spent most of my money on Lego sets, I can only buy them one at a time from Michael’s  with  a 50% off coupon.

My extremely small collection can be seen here:


So… yeah.

I read on another  blog (I will put the link down below in case you would like to see that post)  that the recommended number of Copics to start out with is 36, not counting the colorless blender.   I would like to draw humans, but with only four markers..  I can only draw shaded balls, like this:


I know it looks like a hairy potato.  I apologize.  I couldn’t find the ones that I had done.    I’m very new to working with Copics.

This is an example of what you could do (if you were good with them)  with Copics.  Sketchbook29-04

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

This art was NOT done by me!  I give credit to the creator of it!

If you would like to see the list of what Copics to buy, try

The Copic Markers You Need in Your Starter Set

If you are interested in Copics, check out

Thanks for reading!




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